Plats de résistance

  • 3 Bean Cassoulet (VE)

    3 Bean Cassoulet (VE)


    Classic French dish with a vegan twist - 3 bean stew with kidney cannellini and haricot

  • Merlu Poireaux (GF)

    Merlu Poireaux (GF)


    Oven-baked hake on a bed of samphire and beurre blanc sauce and salsa verde

  • Poitrine de Porc (GF)

    Poitrine de Porc (GF)


    Slow roasted pork belly served with apple purée and red wine jus

  • Magret de Canard (GF)

    Magret de Canard (GF)


    Pan-fried duck breast with tender stem broccoli and orange jus

  • Navarin D’Agneau (GF)

    Navarin D’Agneau (GF)


    Diced lamb leg slowly cooked in lamb stock and peas, diced carrots, haricot beans and fresh mint served with sweet mash

  • Fromage de chèvre champignon Wellington (V)

    Fromage de chèvre champignon Wellington (V)


    Goat cheese and wild mushroom wellington served with tarragon cream sauce

  • Filet de Bœuf (GF)

    Filet de Bœuf (GF)


    8oz fillet steak served with pont neuf potatoes, roasted tomato and a sauce of your choice

  • Moules Marinière

    Moules Marinière


    Fresh steamed mussels in a garlic and white wine cream sauce

  • Loup de Mer (GF)

    Loup de Mer (GF)


    Pan-fried seabass fillets on chargrilled asparagus accompanied with a classic hollandaise sauce

  • Steak au poivre (GF)

    Steak au poivre (GF)


    Chargrilled 8oz steak served with a sauce of your choice